What Are Our Strategies For Women Empowerment?

Rebirth Care Trust’s program focuses on zeroing in on young lady kids and ladies strengthening. The USP of this program is its imaginative and exceptionally viable methodology named the ‘4-S Model’ which means Seeking Healthcare as a Behavior, Support through Education, Support from Men through Male Involvement, and Sustaining Change in the Community. The development of the non-benefit area in India, over the most recent twenty years, has been sensational. Grassroots NGOs especially, by connecting straightforwardly with individuals, can take an interest in the idea-making cycle of the networks they work with, and in this manner have the ability to achieve durable positive change. Kids are the eventual fate of a country. They are the best change specialists, be it in the family or the local area in which they live. It is along these lines significant to get youthful and instill in them sensations of compassion and heart so they grow up as dependable people. Rebirth Care Trust continually endeavors to help and engage people, especially oppressed youngsters empowering them to meet fundamental aspirations of their life and understand their latent capacity, settle on educated decisions, oppose abuse, the battle for legitimate presence and work with additional opportunities and openings for them. 

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